Radiofrequency Pain Management systems provide minimally invasive solutions for treatment of chronic spinal pain. Radiofrequency ablation is an effective means of reducing pain in selected patients on the basis of controlled diagnostic blocks.


HALYARD* Pain Management Radiofrequency Generator

The HALYARD* Pain Management RF Generator transmits a small radiofrequency current through the insulated needle to deactivate the nerve that is responsible for sending the pain signal to the brain. The easy-to-use digital generator has the capability to perform standard RF, pulsed RF, multi RF, and cooled RF procedures, as well as intradiscal lesioning and annuloplasty. Using a real-time graphical display, the Pain Management V4 generator is designed to be upgradeable to future technologies.

  • Powerful – With an RF engine of 50 watts, the generator can output an average of 12.5 watts to four channels or 16.7 watts to three channels.
  • Versatile – The Multi-RF Module can be used with any cannulae sizes or tip lengths to create one up to four lesions.
  • Plug and Play – There is no need to change the settings on the system depending on how many probes are used. Simply plug in one, two, three or four probes, and the system automatically recognizes and adapts accordingly.


Reusable RF Probes

Durable and reusable, standard RF probes come in a variety of lengths and gauges. They are color-coded for easy gauge identification and can be steam-sterilized.
Single-Use RF Probes
(Available internationally only)
Disposable, sterile, single-use probes are available in a variety of lengths and gauges, and feature a connector cable of sufficient length to remain out of the sterile field.

  • Available in 18, 20, 21 and 22 gauge diameter
  • Available lengths – 50mm, 54mm, 100mm, 145mm, 200mm
  • Color-coded for ease of identification, ensuring probes are used with matching size cannula for accurate and precise lesion formation


Radiopaque RF Cannula

The HALYARD* Radiopaque* Cannula provides enhanced visualization during positioning, resulting in a targeted treatment. The platinum band at the distal end of the active tip defines the actual lesion location under fluoroscopy.

  • Enhanced visualization under fluoroscopy for more accurate positioning
  • Smooth transition between the active tip and insulated segment
  • Available in several size and tip configurations
  • Color coded for quick reference
  • Disposable to prevent cross-contamination.



probes.jpgRadiofrequency Probe Kits

Pain management probe kits include:

  • RF probe
  • Protective tube
  • Connector cable
  • Autoclave case

All components may be stored within the autoclave case for steam sterilization