Introduction- Underlying stenosis in the treatment of stroke using mechanical thrombectomy is an added complication to access.
Drug coated balloons offer a rapid and effective long term solution to treating this stenosis.
For over a decade the Cardiologist has been using drug coated balloons. The coating has since been placed on stents. However a growing number of cardiologists are reverting back to using the drug coated balloons. Our drug coated balloons have been highly effective in treating stenotic lesions in cardiology and peripheral vessels.
We have the only balloons that can be used in the Neuro vascular setting for both the balloon platform itself and the unique coating safety.
Paclitaxel coated balloons (DCB) will ensure that the lesion is treated not only by the mechanical action of angioplasty but chemically. The Elutax drug coated balloon has a unique coating of Paclitaxel which is sealed in with Dextran.
This duel action treats the stenosis attacking the mitosis cells and assisting in repairing the vessel wall. While the anti thrombotic agent Dextral assist in its safe delivery. The Paclitaxel is highly lipophilic and will continue to work at the lesion site and  in the vessel wall for over two months. We use micro crystals of Paclitaxel and these are the only approved coating  for Neuro use as the coating can’t “break off” it only infuses.
Drug coated balloons will not work in a lesion that is calcified, this is has to be “cracked” first with pre dilatation allowing some access to the vessel wall, then deliver the drug with the DCB.
This can be far more attractive than having to stent or use standard angioplasty. The recommended minimum time for inflation is 15 seconds to allow for drug delivery, ideal for the  the Stroke setting when time is brain.
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