For many years now we have been working on this device with AR Baltic and their Elutax DCB. We have successfully introduced it across UK & Ireland for several vascular indications however it has been Neuro that we have felt it could prove to be a very useful abeit niché product. This first small study gives some indications of it’s effectiveness in an otherwise difficult presentation for the Neuro interventionalist. ICAD maybe less prevelant in the West, however we know stenting outcomes are poor in these cases and as more emergency mechanical thrombectomy stroke procedures are undertaken it’s a valuable tool.

Inflation Device Accuracy

Accurate inflation of balloon catheters is of course crucial in neuro. It perplexes me that poor inflation devices are prevelant in neuro interventional depts these poor indeflators have a flickering pressure needle and an accuracy of +/-1 ATM combined with a dial that is difficult to read under low light setting in the lab. A balloon’s compliance and eventual size is only as accurate as the inflation device’s precision. Digital inflation devices are some £20 more expensive, well worth the accurancy, back lighting and timer, all crucial information for plain and drug coated angioplasty of the fine Neuro vessels.

Of course instent restenosis cases may also be treated successfully using Elutax Neuro this has been increasingly useful including where there is heavy reliance and concern on the application of medical management alone.

More data will continue to be presented. A full range of sizes available at P14.

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