An implantable neuromodulation device to treat chronic peripheral nerve pain

Target Pain at its Source.

What is the StimRouter advantage?

StimRouter may minimize costs and recovery time when compared to other more invasive treatments.

  • Minimally invasive, long-term treatment option
  • No implanted batteries
  • Lead designed to reduce migration
  • 8 customized stimulation programs controlled by patient

Who may be a candidate for the StimRouter System?

StimRouter applications may include chronic pain conditions located at or relating to:

  • Upper or Lower Limbs
  • Entrapment Syndromes
  • Intercostal Neuralgias
  • Other peripheral injuries or disease

What are the benefits of the StimRouter System?

The StimRouter System is designed to accommodate patients who have an active lifestyle and to empower them with complete control of their pain management treatment.

  • 15-20 minute, out-patient procedure
  • Small, low-profile rechargeable external pulse transmitter
  • Wireless, handheld patient programmer