Partnering with iVascular, we provide our customers with an extensive range of devices for Interventional Cardiology. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to our medical practitioners, enabling them to deliver the very best in patient care.

Interventional Cardiology

iVascular has worked with leading clinicians across from all over the world to develop there comprehensive range of Interventional Cardiology devices which offer gold standard performance as well as offering a range that’s without comparison.



Sirolimus eluting Stent

Essential Pro

The novel reliable DCB


Paclitaxel-luting coronary dilation balloon catheter


Coronary Microcatheter


Coronary Stent


Thrombus Extraction Catheter


Dilation Balloon Catheter

NC Xperience

Dilation Catheter

Xperience PRO

Coronary balloon dilation catheter

The Platform-14 Team

We are an independent, imaginative, and dynamic organisation, pioneering a new way for medical distribution in the UK and across Europe. Our team is knowledgeable yet inquisitive, driven but flexible, great at communicating but equally, good listeners.

We believe that our people shape our future and drive our success.

We continuously work to develop our team to help them provide a first-class service for our customers and supplier partners.


Let's Work Together

It’s simple – here at Platform 14 we will work with you, as your partner to drive your sales, market penetration and profitability within your chosen market. In addition, you will benefit from our years of experience launching and cultivating products within the UK and European markets.

At Platform 14, we nurture and take great pride in understanding and expanding our partnership network. We exist for our partners success and welcome new partners into our expanding healthcare product distribution network.

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