Platform 14 are delighted to partner with Infab Corporation who have been innovating and leading the way in radiation protection since 1981.  They produce superior lead aprons and radiation protection equipment and strive for world class customer service..

Brands we work with


We supply a full range of Radiation protection equipment including Gowns, Thyroid Collars, Glasses, Hats and many more as well as washable and Reusable PPE Gowns  made from durable microfiber fabrics.



Our network of suppliers allows us to offer the UK healthcare market with the PPE they require, especially during this time of pandemic. If there is anything you require, please fill out our contact form and we will help where we can.


Infab Corporation has been an innovator and leader in the radiation protection industry since our inception in 1981. We produce superior lead apron and radiation protection equipment and strive for world-class customer service.

The Platform-14 Team

We are an independent, imaginative, and dynamic organisation, pioneering a new way for medical distribution in the UK and across Europe. Our team is knowledgeable yet inquisitive, driven but flexible, great at communicating but equally, good listeners.

We believe that our people shape our future and drive our success.

We continuously work to develop our team to help them provide a first-class service for our customers and supplier partners.


Let's Work Together

It’s simple – here at Platform 14 we will work with you, as your partner to drive your sales, market penetration and profitability within your chosen market. In addition, you will benefit from our years of experience launching and cultivating products within the UK and European markets.

At Platform 14, we nurture and take great pride in understanding and expanding our partnership network. We exist for our partners success and welcome new partners into our expanding healthcare product distribution network.

If you are interested in working with Platform-14, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.