BioWave is 100% drug-free, patented pain relief technology, clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of pain. BioWave technology blocks pain signals deep at the nerve, allowing you to take back control of your life. Available on NHSSC & Neuromodulation Framework


BioWave is a revolutionary new way of treating pain that uses electric waves, rather than chemicals. Unlike old-fashioned TENS machines that simply mask pain, BioWave’s high frequency, alternating current system blocks pain at its source for long-lasting relief.

Using non-invasive pain relief pads, an active, electrical field forms beneath and surrounding each pad, so pads should be placed directly over the source of your pain. One 30-minute session can provide up to 24 hours pain relief for chronic, acute or post-operative pain.



Following a 30 minute treatment, many patients report a 75% or more reduction in their pain score and that multiple treatments can provide a cumulative benefit.


BioWave treatments range in sensation from light tingling to a deep, smooth muscle massage


Clinical studies, doctors and patients report that using BioWave reduces consumption of Opioids and other pain meds by up to 50%


Patients who respond to BioWave experience pain relief and improved function for up to 24 hours following a 30-minute treatment.



BioWave sums together 2 high frequencies (furrier Transform), 3858htz and 3980htz, the signals pass through skin allowing for deep tissue penetration. This affects all polarized structures including nociceptive pain fibres, C-fibre, A-delta fibre, and muscle tissue causing hyperpolarisation.


Clinical studies show that 85% of patients respond to BioWave neurostimulation. It’s ideal for reducing chronic, acute or post-operative pain and improving function. A single 30-minute treatment reduces pain, increases range of motion, decreases stiffness, and reduces muscle spasm for up to 24 hours with BioWavePRO or BioWaveHome. Protocols and clinic trial under taken by Dr. Dominic Hegerty *Open Label Pilot Study: Investigating Noninvasive High-Frequency Peripheral Nerve Fiber Stimulation in Chronic Pain


The BioWave family of products

Three devices available: All three deliver the same therapy 3859 hz + 3980 hz sinusoidal wave form alternating current (AC)

BioWave Pro: Is for Clinical setting only it’s max output is 28 Volts. Battery Life is unto 20 uses per charge.

BioWave Home: is the mobile version of the Pro and can only be perscribed by a medical practitioner. Delivering the same max output as the Pro, but has a shorter battery life of unto 10 uses

BioWave Go: is the OTC version same therapy but it’s max output is only 20 volts 60% of the Home and Pro, with a battery life of 6 uses

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