Leaders in Pain Management,  Interventional Devices and Radiation Protection

P14 is a leading supplier of specialist pain management devices including Standard Radio frequency nerve ablation pain management and the breakthrough technology of Coolief radio frequency nerve ablation. In 2018 we will launch new percutaneous and subcutaneous electrical Neuro stimulators which will change the management of chronic pain and sports injuries for elite athletes across the UK and Ireland.

This approved technology includes providing long lasting pain relief for chronic hip pain and osteoarthritis pain of the Knee. In the UK, these treatments are available throughout the NHS and Private Practise.

We have for 6 years been leading the way in drug coated technologies for vascular disease. Drug Coated technologies from AR Baltic include the worlds first for AV Fistula, Neuro interventions. We have the world s largest Cardiology and peripheral range of drug coated balloons with great clinical studies/results. Drug coated technologies that are proven, with sizes the clinician needs. The  brilliant Ariadnes thread Breast biopsy kits allows for quick one handed efficient biopsies above the standards set.

Finally, we have one of the UK’s largest range of radiation protection garments. These are the most comfortable in the market ideal for long procedures and include a full range of accessories.

FDA approval for cooled radio frequency.

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Platform-14 is delighted to announce that Cooled Radio frequency is available for knees across the UK and Ireland-  Read more here.